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CandleStar Educational Services provides simple, affordable educational support to families in and around the Monadnock region.

I believe that every parent is responsible before God to oversee the education of their children–and that the goal of that education should be the equipping of those children with the skills they will need in order to effectively serve God.

However, as a portfolio evaluator, my job is not to critique teaching styles, organizational skills, or educational choices. I simply evaluate whether or not I believe that a student has fulfilled the minimum educational requirements of New Hampshire state law.

    What a difference a (half of a) year makes.

    I've definately been less than vigilant with web site updates, but great things are in store. After years of a solid, but aging, site design, CandleStar will be getting a new look! We'll have the same great content, just more current and easier to find. Meanwhile, some "spoilers" about CandleStar Educational Services 2.0:

    • While I'm sure you've enjoyed the cozy kitchen experience, I now have a ground floor classroom and office space! In addition to classroom space for over a dozen students, this will be much more family friendly for evaluations.

    • Have you ever asked me about Easy Grammar? Math-U-See? Rosetta Stone? CandleStar now has a curriculum library! A wide (and widening) range of resources for you to hold in your hands and flip through... either while I'm writing up your evaluation or during a consulting appointment.

    • In an effort to keep costs down, I've moved to "50 minute hours". Essentially, hour long tutoring and consulting appointments will last for 50 minutes. This will provide me the margin to set appointments back to back.

    • My fees are shifting and streamlining. For instance, since New Hampshire now requires "annual" evaluations, rather than listing a specific deadline, it seems weird to have a late fee, so that has been discontinued. I've also simplified my new pricing structure into two tiers.

Of course it goes without saying that I am not a lawyer.
Nothing on this site should be construed as legal advice.
Please read the NH homeschool law (or at least a summary) for yourself.

I believe that parenting is a team effort and strive to maintain neutral ground in any family dispute. If you share custody of your children and their "other" parent requests a copy of their evaluation, I will supply it. I will also provide information as requested by a court appointed guardian ad litem.
Wondering if homeschooling is effective? Checkout the Homeschool Progress Report!

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