• Study Skills for the... Hey, look! A Squirrel!
    Is a member of your household "neurologically diverse"? Join us as we chat about the ADHD brain. We will discuss a handful of powerful ideas and techniques that make a big difference--no matter what curriculum you're using! Topics include: How our brains work, Intelligence is changeable, Active learning, Cross training, Stickin' the facts, Learning styles, Louder isn't clearer, and Writing (or not).

Workshop: Study Skills for the… ADHD Brain

On Motivation and Mindset
Carol Dweck, creator of Brainology, has written some fascinating things, including “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.” The Stanford website has an overview of her ideas, as well as a copy of Nigel Holmes‘ awesome infographic. Here’s some additional information from Northwestern, and Carol’s fantastic lecture entitled Improving Education: The Connection Between Motivation, Mind-Set and Achievement. It’s free on iTunesU… Just scroll down to #43 and download!

ADHD: Workshop Resources
Overview, ADHD Brain, Wrong Key, and Brainpower handouts are: here. There’s also an Active Reading handout and Resources list. The files are a bit large, so hollar if you have any downloading issues.

ADHD: Amazing Books
The Big WHAT NOW Book of Learning Styles, How to Get Your Child Off the Refrigerator and on to Learning, and If I’m Diapering a Watermelon, Then Where’d I Leave the Baby? by Carol Barnier are all fabulous… and in a class by themselves!

A number of these books are available at the KSC Curriculum Materials Library… it’s a great resource. Also, don’t underestimate inter-library loan!