What are your goals? Also, Tutoring!

What will your student learn this fall?

To discern the difference between a reasonable argument and fake news?
To see a disagreement as an opportunity to understand a topic more fully?
To notice the real messages communicated in advertising?
To recognize, and diffuse, personal manipulation?
What would you be willing to pay?

Out of all of my classes, Informal Logic is the one that yields the most “delayed” feedback. Of course students and parents love taking the class. . . but students remain changed months, even years, later. They deal with conflict differently. Write essays differently. Respond to advertisements differently.

There is still time to join us for the fall semester.
The first class starts meets Thursday, August 24 at 1pm EST…
Hope to see you then!

Also, if you use coupon code “FunScience” your price will drop another 10%!

🎯 Target: Tutoring ~

I am passionate about tutoring!
I’ve tutored students taking the NH Insurance Exams and the SATs, and studying Fractions to Advanced Algebra and University Physics.

Recently, a parent was shocked at how little I charged . . .
and I was forced to re-evaluate my business plan : )

Would you be willing to take a moment and answer [a quick survey] about your once-and-future experiences with tutors?
It won’t take long, and on September 1st I’ll give free tutoring to four lucky participants.

Thanks so much for your feedback!

Mrs. Bethany Barnosky
Master Teacher
Mathematics, Logic, and Economics
Bethany Barnosky is a master teacher and educational consultant who enjoys life in sunny southern New Hampshire. As a double-certified math teacher, she provides tutoring, curriculum, portfolio, and transcript services to homeschoolers in and around New Hampshire. As an online teacher, Mrs. Barnosky has been honored to teach amazing homeschooled students from all over the world.