Topic: Dual Enrollment

  • College Plus: How it Works.
  • Their official “info packet“.
  • Webinars on a range of topics…
  • … and eBooks on even more of them!
  • Finally, an extensive (and informative!) recorded webinar plus a couple of extra videos. Their YouTube Channel is an interesting browse as well.
  • DSST testing
  • CLEP testing
  • If you’re taking the plunge, log into the forums before you start buying resources… there’s an active used curriculum section!

Disclaimer: I think that College Plus is a great company. They didn’t try to sell me on anything and the only negative reviews I can find are from people who haven’t actually used it. That being said, we’re new at this (fall ’13) and don’t have all of the answers. I would never share information or suggest a resource because I had a financial incentive to do so…. However. College Plus does have a tell-a-friend program… and if you’d be inclined to drop our name, we wouldn’t mind a bit. Our tell-a-friend ID is 11976 : )