Mrs. Barnosky’s Teaching Pre-Calculus!

~ Pre-Calculus ~

I am so excited to be teaching Pre-Calculus at My Fun Science next year!

“. . . Pre-Calc isn’t about forced word problems— it’s about real, hands-on application across amazing content areas. We will build a solid foundation for practical STEM applications, mathematical thought, and college-level study as we explore topics from Trigonometry, Polynomials, and Radical Equations to Conic Sections, Statistics, and Calculus. . .”

If you’re still pondering your next step, I’d love to have your student join us (Thursdays @ 11am) for this exciting class : )

Coupon? Yes!

Remember, you can use coupon code MFSAPRILBARNOSKY when signing up for Algebra 2, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus at My Fun Science. It drops the price of a full-year course down to $375 and is good through April 16th. (It has been secretly suggested that it just might work for every course on the site… so if you are in the market for some science or study skills, now’s the time ; )

~ Spiral No More ~

After December’s “excitement”, I think we’re all looking for some stability as we move into the next year. In light of the fact that there has been very little interest in continuing on with Saxon’s 4th Edition curriculum, I am officially cancelling Spiral Geometry and Spiral Algebra 2.

I’m looking on this as a good thing — I am so excited that many families are open to switching to a different curriculum. It is going to be an amazing year! (I will, however, be putting together a “transitions” guide for students in each class since most (if not all) of them will be coming from different curricula. I’ll try to make it easy on you!)

Economics & Informal Logic

Informal Logic & Economics will be hosted on another platform that is almost finalized. . . more information coming soon : )

The Patchwork Press ~ Issue #2

Please honor the hard work of our amazing student scholars by reading The Patchwork Press. It would be a great encouragement to these fantastic students by reading the paper and then filling out their (brief) readership survey. It really makes a world of difference!

Thanks so much for your time : )
Bethany Barnosky
Mathematics, Economics, and Logic
Bethany Barnosky is a master teacher and educational consultant who enjoys life in sunny southern New Hampshire. As a double-certified math teacher, she provides tutoring, curriculum, portfolio, and transcript services to homeschoolers in and around New Hampshire. As an online teacher, Mrs. Barnosky has been honored to teach amazing homeschooled students from all over the world.