Coupon and Clarification

Oops! A Clarification : )

Have you ever sent and email and then thought “Hmmm… What was I missing?” while starting off into space? Yesterday’s email wasn’t super-clear: My decision not to teach with Bright Ideas Press only affects next year’s classes. This semester, and the summer, is being 100% independently taught and will not be affected at all. I’m so sorry for inadvertently causing any concern!

Algebra 2 & Geometry

Yesterday I mentioned that Algebra 2 and Geometry will be taught exclusively through My Fun Science. I have been assured that I can add sections as needed, so space limitations are not an issue. I have arranged a coupon code, MFSAPRILBARNOSKY, for you to use when signing up for Algebra 2 and Geometry at My Fun Science. It drops the price of a full-year course down to $375 and is good through April 16th. (It has been secretly suggested that it just might work for every course on the site… so if you are in the market for some science or study skills, now’s the time : )

Economics & Informal Logic

Informal Logic & Economics will be hosted on another platform that is almost finalized! I will let you know details within the week. I am so excited to be able to keep growing these classes for, and with, your students : )

Thank you, again, for your overwhelming graciousness.

Bethany Barnosky is a master teacher and educational consultant who enjoys life in sunny southern New Hampshire. As a double-certified math teacher, she provides tutoring, curriculum, portfolio, and transcript services to homeschoolers in and around New Hampshire. As an online teacher, Mrs. Barnosky has been honored to teach amazing homeschooled students from all over the world.