Over the past years I’ve written the occasional article for our local homeschool newsletter.

MP3, iPod, and Me: Using Technology for Fun, Learning, and Encouragement (January 2008)

Joyous Mathematics: How to Help Kids Love Math (October 2007)

The Spiral vs Mastery Debate: A Discussion of High School (Homeschool) Mathematics (June 2007)

The Power of Asking for Help (February 2006)

Algebra: Academic Option or Absolute Necessity? (November 2005)

Middle Grades Mathematics and Literature: Education Beyond Textbooks (May 2005)

Mathematics in Unit Studies: Not Just a Workbook Anymore (February 2002)

“Mathematicians are People Too”: Mathematical History (January 2002)

Manipulatives: Tactile Learning on a Budget (December 2001)

Heuristics: Solving the Problem (November 2001)

40 Billion Dollars (October 2001)

I do retain ownership of these works, so if you’d like to reprint them, please ask for permission first.