We’re launching an online STEM Club!

My Fun Science is launching an amazing new STEM Club!

Mission: The Future
[  ]  is open to students in grades 7-12
[  ]  is designed with homeschoolers in mind
[  ]  embraces a Biblical worldview
[  ]  is packed with fun activities, games, prizes, and more!
[  ]  features two live, hour-long online meetings per month
[  ] is a chance to connect with guest speakers and specialists
[  ] offers monthly missions designed to build STEM connections

As a college student, I set aside my interest in the aerospace industry in order to pursue my passion for teaching young people mathematics. I enjoys teaching, tabletop gaming, and general geekery : ) While I am not a fan of the “selfie”, I do make exceptions for famous aircraft such as The Spirit of St. Lois.  If you have any questions about our Mission: The Future STEM club, please drop me a line!
Bethany Barnosky
CandleStar Educational Services & MyFunScience.com
Bethany Barnosky is a master teacher and educational consultant who enjoys life in sunny southern New Hampshire. As a double-certified math teacher, she provides tutoring, curriculum, portfolio, and transcript services to homeschoolers in and around New Hampshire. As an online teacher, Mrs. Barnosky has been honored to teach amazing homeschooled students from all over the world.