Next Year’s Classes… and how they’ll shine!

Next year’s classes will be even better!

Some of you are all set for your classes next year… and some of you are still deciding. Either way, I thought I’d share some of the ways next year’s classes will be changing. In the best possible ways!

In addition to the changes below, I will be implementing some (optional, non-magical) gameplay elements across my math classes. If your student is a highly-motivated self-starter, this will just make class more fun. If your student struggles with motivation, study-skills, or grit, this could be a game-changer. This isn’t about making everything into a game, but rather encouraging the productive study, and life, skills that lead to success.

How will my Math Classes change?
* Texts designed for mastery   * Only Geometry students need to buy an “answer key”!   * Direct, in-class instruction
* Improved video resources   * Hybrid work submission that maximizes accountability   * Offline testing option!
* Short weekly quizzes that can be reworked if needed   * Office-hour scheduling that works with your schedule

How will Economics & Informal Logic change?
* Improved video resources   * Informal Logic Study Guide   * BJU Economics 3rd ed. text   * Fourteen-week schedules
* Better visuals, and shorter tests, for Economics   * In-class, group activities   * Materials hosted on Moodle!

What’s the Same?
* Clear expectations   * Prompt grading   * Adobe Connect   * Encouragement   * Timely Communication

If you’re looking for a Pre-Calculus class, please consider signing up for my class at My Fun Science. I’m deep into the planning and you won’t be disappointed. Discounts are dropping the closer we get to opening day, but it’s $480 for the year through today, 6/10. If your student has had a good class experience, please consider recommending me to your friends.

All my classes have openings, but my “Tuesdays @ 11” Geometry class is turning out to be the popular winner. If you’re looking to sign up your quintuplets, you might want to take the plunge sooner, rather than later : )

As always, thank you for your continued prayers and support.

In His Service,
Mrs. Bethany Barnosky, Master Teacher
Algebra 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Formal Logic, Informal Logic, Economics

Bethany Barnosky is a master teacher and educational consultant who enjoys life in sunny southern New Hampshire. As a double-certified math teacher, she provides tutoring, curriculum, portfolio, and transcript services to homeschoolers in and around New Hampshire. As an online teacher, Mrs. Barnosky has been honored to teach amazing homeschooled students from all over the world.